1. Bedroom Eyes
    Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Bleached Cross
  3. Bleakness
    Paris, France
  4. Docile Bodies
    Tilburg, Netherlands
  5. don't get lemon
    Austin, Texas
  6. Flesh of Morning
    Austin, Texas
  7. forever ☆
    Kansas City, Missouri
  8. Future Of Horror
  9. Holy Wire
    Austin, Texas
  10. Julia Gaeta
    Paris, France
  11. Kai Tak
    Los Angeles, California
  12. Lesser Care
    El Paso, Texas
  13. Madeline Goldstein
    Los Angeles, California
  14. Old Moon
    Sharon, Vermont
  15. Plight
    New York
  16. Public Circuit
    Brooklyn, New York
  17. Spirits of Leo
    New York
  18. Tragic Figures
    Chicago, Illinois
  19. The True Faith
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  20. The Violent Youth
    Augsburg, Germany


à La Carte Records Alexandria, Virginia

Record collective based in LA/DC.

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